I had told you I did not print
– from a letter to T. W. Higginson

Emily Dickinson left her life’s work behind in a trunk — mostly unpublished poems that were often “incomplete” with alternate phrases in the margins for those in-line. Print editors dealt with this ambiguity by making their own decisions before putting the poems in print, eliding the internal possibility and interactivity Dickinson left behind. This project allows users to interact with her drafts and experience their publication — to “dwell in Possibility” with the poet and create the “fairer house” than print that her poems request.

Click the plus signs (+)  next to words in the text to create a “new” version of the poem from the alternate words Dickinson left in the margins.

Built and maintained by Kayla Shipp at Emory University.

With thanks to The Emily Dickinson Archive and The Emily Dickinson Museum Archive for making the images in this project freely available.